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Posted on February 1, 2018

WSOP Mini Series!

How it works.
  1. 2 month season jan29 Monday till mar31st!
  2. Replaces nightly jackpots! All jackpots will Freeze till season is over! All jackpots will be reduced small percentage to help cover 33% cost! We will be giving out 8 seperate seats that cost $365 each!
  3. How to qualify just play at least 1 game in 2 month season!
  4. There will be Tourney for each area winner each area gets a WSOP Circuit $365 Buyin!
  5. Everyone is allowed to play in every areas tourney! With chips they earned during the 2 month season! So that shot 4 seperate seats!
  6. Top point getters from feb1st to mar31st! Will also earn $365 WSOP Circuit seat! That’s 4 more! Given away!
  7. Everyone ONLY gets 5k CHIPS on 2 month season tourney.
  8. YOU CREATE YOUR TOURNEY STACK! Every GAME 2 WIN gets you 3k added to your TOURNEY starting stack!
  9. There’s reduced cash option not to take seat that $200 and $50 seat on future bus trip!

Maryland Live Casino Day Trip has been modified! We added pick up location at JANAF Shopping Center

Departs at 7am- Janaf Shopping Center (Norfolk)
Departs at 8am- Sears Newmarket Mall (Newport News)
Bathroom break/Pickup 9:30/9:45- (I-95) Ladysmith rest stop (Ruther Glenn)
Arrival at Maryland Live! Casino 12pm!
Leave at 6pm!
Bathroom break/Drop off (I-95 Rest stop) 8:15pm
Arrive at 10pm- Sears Newmarket
Arrive at 11pm- Janaf Shopping Center

Here’s the link to Book! If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 7575851350 or email me at!
Please click this link above.

Season 6 $10,000 Tourney

When: Feb 10th 2018
Where: Boathouse Live
Time: 11am to 7pm

Event Schedule:

9am-10:30pm All TDS Equipment need to be at location!
10:30-11:00 Ecpl meeting with Tds and owner!
11:00am- Doors open for all players!
11:30am- Registration and table assignment starts!
12:00am- All Apparel will be $5 off! Card markers will be on sale!
1pm Game starts! You will lose chips if your not there at least 10min prior to start!
3pm-4pm break

( To be done during break)
1. Area photos of all players from each area plus 1 massive photo of everyone!
2. Chip up!
3. Trophy ceremony!

Ps- Parking is in parking garage beside venue! Be EARLY! Venue is Huge and very nice! Please support venue so they want to have us return in future! It’s full musics venue with Bar and food and pool tables!

Winter Schedule

Posted on November 15, 2017

  • Nov 11th Saturday at 7pm at The Office (Southside LCQ).
  • Nov 19th Sunday at 7pm at Longshot’s Billiards (Tidewater LCQ).
  • Nov 26th Sunday at 1pm at Cozzy’s Comedy Club (Peninsula LCQ).
  • Nov 29th Wednesday 7pm at Cary100 (Metro LCQ).

Last Chance Qualifier Tourney Schedule!

Posted on March 25, 2017

Winner gets $200! And Seat into Tourney of Champions for life...Tourney is $200 Every 6 Months! Also Top 8 Non Auto 10k Qualifiers also earn seat into our Season 5 $10,000 Tourney in June!

PS! Td's have invite list! Soon see your td! All locations and dates are not 100% yet!

  • April 8th - Metro Area - 7pm @ Jd Cafe on Hungary Rd!
  • April 15th - Tidewater Area - 1pm Longshots Billiards and Darts
  • April 22nd - Southside - 7pm The Office Bar and Grill #1 Official
  • April 30th - Peninsula - 1pm Cozzy's Comedy Club

Current Invite List

New Locations!

Posted on 2/7/2017

Peninsula New Locations! Every Week! Starting!

  • Feb 3rd Saturday 1pm The New Ann Marie's Pub in Newport News
  • Feb 13th Monday 7pm Stillwater Tavern in Hampton
  • Feb 13th Monday 7pm Daddyo's Tavern in Williamsburg
  • Feb 16th Thursday 7pm Daddyo's at Bourbon Street in Williamburg

Southside New Locations!

  • Feb 10th Friday 7pm Charlie's American Cafe in Norfolk