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Starting this Monday, May 14, we will be playing at Philly Shack at 7pm. This Monday we will switch from Ann Marie's to Philly Shack. Ann Marie's will continue to host Friday and Saturday games at 1PM. Please come out this Monday to Philly Shack and enjoy the excellent food, beverages and poker!

Oherman's Closed Still

Sign on door says they are still closed. No poker.

The website says 15 but I have a sheet with the rules that says 16. I stated 15 because that is what is on the site. Contact Joey if you have a question


To all TD's and Players....anyone 15 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian unless the venue has a higher age requirement to play. This is not a new rule. It is listed as Rule 4 on this website under "Rules of Conduct". If a parent or guardian has to leave for any reason, the youth player MUST be removed from play immediately.

reply posted on 2018-04-29 20:57:01

I believe rule is 16 and under not 15! If it’s worded wrong it needs to be corrected to 16!

Oherman's Closed

Called OHerman's, They will be closed again tonight 25 Apr 2018.

Oherman's Closed

Just found out Oherman's closed due to plumbing issues. No Poker tonight.


To all peninsula players. There will be no poker at my neighbors pub Thursday April 19 due to a ladies painting event. Hope to see everyone Tuesday April 24

reply posted on 2018-04-28 13:01:57

My neighbors pub, Jefferson ave and denbeigh Blvd it’s the old rjs establishment

reply posted on 2018-04-24 23:46:46

Joe what is the name of pub and where is it bill byrnes

Wsop schedule

W.S.O.P Mini Season! Finals schedule! Everyone is qualified to play in all these tourneys as long as they played a game in feb and mar! Tidewater=April 7th 1pm Saturday at Derlz Southside=April 8th 1pm Sunday at Inland Reef Metro=April 14th 7pm Saturday at JD Cafe Peninsula=April 15 1pm Sunday at Cozy Comedy

Philly Shack Food Special

Friday April 6 food special at Philly Shack will be General Tsao Chicken!! Come and get it early before they run out. It goes fast!!

Philly Shack March Venue Leader

Congrats to Dave Howard for winning the Philly Shack March Venue Coin!