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Game schedules

Stopped by Anna Marie’s to get in on the afternoon game. Was told they only play at 1 and there was a game at 8 at my neighbors pub. Maybe the site could be updated to reflect this?


Who thinks the homepage feed needs more updates?

AJ'S Smoke House

I will be running free poker at AJ'S Sports Grille Smokehouse Sunday 7pm! Get there by 6:45 for bonus chips! See Yas there !!!

Mona Lisa's

The link to Mona Lisa's Pizza in Norfolk is dead on ECPL's site. I called Mona Lisa's new location and they said they don't host poker anymore. Can ECPL's homepage get updated? Not sure why it shows Mona Lisa as a venue for Tuesday nights when that location is closed.

reply posted on 2018-10-11 20:25:48

I think this has been updated.

The frog venue

Does ecpl still play at the frog twice a week in va beach because there are not many points for that venue for this month

reply posted on 2018-10-11 20:26:49

Please contact your TD first. They are responsible for loading points. If you get no response, contact Joey directly

Oherman's Closed for the 4th

All, Ohermans decided last minute to close for the Holiday!

Oherman's Opening at 6pm

Folks, we will have poker at OHerman's tonight. See ya there...

O Hermans bar an grill

Hey everyone, poker will be at o hermans tonight ! Come out and join in on the fun

O Herman's Bar and Grill

There WILL be a game tonight at o hermans bar and grill !! Come on out and have some fun !!


We will be playing on Memorial Day at 7PM at Philly Shack. Come out and enjoy some great food, cold drinks and fun poker!!