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Congratulation Chris Yates who pulled the Ace of Spades Wednesday at Stillwater for $220


Congratulations Dave H who pulled the Ace of Spades Friday at Philly for $200.

No poker July 4th

Poker has been cancelled tonight at Jalapenos.

PHO's open July 4th

We will be playing on Tuesday the 4th of July at 7pm!

Season 5 Winner

WOOHOO congrats GLEN !!!!

Season 5 Winner

Congrats to the Peninsula's Glen W. for winning yesterdays Season 5 10K Tournament!!!

Facendas 6/2/2017

The Portsmouth game at Facendas has been moved to Saturday 6/3/2017 this week only.

Pho Cafe

OK let's have alittle fun competition. COME OUT TO PHOS an try an get venue leader with me. I am up for the challenge are you? Lol

10K Tournament Payouts

With the tournament fast approaching, I thought you all might want a reminder of what you played so hard for all season, so here are the payouts for the 10K on Saturday. Hope everyone who has qualified can make it. So, who is wondering what they can win at the upcoming 10K? Payouts: 1st-$5000 + TROPHY 2nd-$2000 3rd-$1000 4th-$400 5th-$300 6th-$200 7th/8th - $100 9th-12th-$50 13th-16th-$25 17th-75th-$10 First player out- $10

Pho Cafe

Thanks Joe your a sweetie !!! Woo Hoo I did it lol.... It was a close one this month. Now onto this month.. Lol