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Philly Shack

Mia at Philly Shack has been making some really special home cooked meals for us on Friday and Saturday nights. This past week the Special was Chicken and Dumplings that sold out! Last week it was Lasagne. What will it be this Friday? Please come out for the Special Meals and Stay for the Poker!!!!

Got Monday Work Blues

Come on out to Ann Marie's on Monday evenings for some fun Poker! First round starts at 7pm. Be there by 6:45 and receive 5,000 bonus chip.

The Office

I just wanted to thank everyone who was at The Office in gloucester tonight. Very welcoming an had a very relaxing night of poker. Great players to hang out with. Ronnie your running a great venue keep it up.


There will be poker at Philly Shack tonight. Homemade Lasagna is on the menu!!!


If im wrong please feel free to correct me. To my knowledge this site is for relaying information to all players for everyone will no whats going on at individual venues . This would enhance the attendance an raise enrollment which is everyones goal for the league. Well three members me being one of them decided to drive 45 minutes to an hour to check what would be a new venue for us... Just to try a new place out. We got there after an hour drive to be told by the bartenders that poker was cancelled cause of a previous engagement. I dont know anout you BUT thats not a way to find out that a game was cancelled at a venue from a established league. I am only posting to better the league an hopefully get better communication to players. The bartenders told us the td for tonight knew a week ago an my opinion Joey didnt create this site for the hell of it he created it to enhance the league an have proper communication to players . SOOOO COME ON GUYS LETS COMMUNICATE ABOUT VENUES.

Congratulations Rebecca Carroll

She won game 2 and drew the Ace of Spades, winning the $510 jackpot...

Venue Winner

Congrats to Ron F. for winning venue Philly Shack in Newport News for September.

Venue Winner

Congrats to Glen W. for winning venue Ohermans in Newport News for September.

venue winner

congrats to jawarren lee for winning daddios venue in williamsburg for sept

venue winner

congrats to hank henry for winning pho loungue for sept