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Venue Leaders

March to August 2017 - Area 1

Location Name Points
AJ's Smokehouse Lena Parker 13070
Andy's Pizza Jack McAllister 26480
Anna Maries Hank Henry 28360
Bubbas Shrimp Shack Ronnie Willaims 13470
Cozy's Comedy Club Hank Henry 12320
Daddyo's at Bourbon St Kelly Kulaga 8880
DaddyO's Tavern Jawarren Lee 11470
Footsie's Circle Snack Lena Parker 3850
Josh's Bar and Grill Penelope Oberst 14860
Luigi's Italian Bar & Grill Frank Crispens 10250
O'Herman Bar & Grill Hank Henry 12630
Pho Lounge Hank Henry 19200
Stillwater Tavern Penelope Oberst 19840
The Office Bar and Grille Jesse Smith 12480
The Philly Shack Il Cho 25950
Village Lanes Bowling Jon Estes 11610

March to August 2017 - Area 2

Location Name Points
Alibis Sal Cammilleri 10570
Blarney Stone Pub Penelope Oberst 14390
Charlies Tim K Jones 2960
Cheds Place Mike Brickley 10260
Inland Reef Kareem Tate 11030
Jax Place Kim Kelly Edwards 23610
MJ's Tavern Ed Culpepper 12100
Mona Lisa's Pizza Pat Wolfe 28630
Murphy's Law Sheera Knight 10220
The Frog Sports Bar and Grill Earnest Taliaferro 29310
The Office Al Canale 18740
Vertigo Ultra Lounge Earnest Taliaferro 7650

March to August 2017 - Area 3

Location Name Points
Angela's Italian Restaurant Shelva Lear 2830
Applebee's James Hart 11590
Applebee's Tappahannock Andy Nguyen 13360
Applebee's VCC James Hart 900
Bella Pizza and Italian Restaurant Carol Berg 600
Cary 100 Restaurant Pd Capers 1560
Daddio's Bar and Grille Scott Marcuson 28070
Dug Out Bar and Grill James Hart 13050
J & D Cafe Tim Roadcap 21650
Timbers James Hart 14020
Whitehorse Tavern C.B. Smallwood 6990

March to August 2017 - Area 4

Location Name Points
Cock Island Bar and Grill Jeremy Balch 13310
Derlz Restaurant and Pub Rick George 29050
Facendas Kim Kelly Edwards 8010
Griff's Steve Balch 13550
Jalapeno's Judy Almond 26170
Longshots Billiards Susan Evans 25850
Main Catch Bar & Grill Judy Almond 2710
Milly's Cue and Chew Lounge Rick George 7100